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  • Dakine Shop Team Rider Alina in Brazil

    Dakine Shop Team Rider Alina in Brazil

    ENG: Join our team rider Alina kitesurfing in Brazil. With cool jumps, fast speed and daring actions on the board she shows in this video, what she can do on a kiteboard. In 2018, the young athlete qualified for the Youth Olympic Games! The medal at the Olympics remained her denied only due to an unfair fall. Nevertheless she remained the winner of our hearts. Now she continues to train diligently whenever she finds the time. And for that she […]

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  • The Blue River Wranglers: Testing the Dakine Stuff

    The Blue River Wranglers: Testing the Dakine Stuff

    ENG: Dakine decided to get behind this new wave pool movement. Although nothing will ever replace mother nature and the oceans we love so dearly… We are excited for this innovation and the opportunities to introduce surfing to areas never thought before. We took a crew of surfers who love to boost above the lip and give the BRS Waco pool a try. Our team figured it would make more sense to look the look while in the Lone Star […]

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  • Dakine Friendly Foam

    Dakine Friendly Foam

    ENG: In collaboration with EcoLogic®, Dakine has developed a new technology for the entire EVA surfing fraction that speeds up the biodegradation of the material. The products are made more environmentally conscious and are biodegradable. Known as „Friendly Foam“, with the addition of EcoOne® additives to the EVA foam, the materials are not degraded until they reach biologically active landfills. The by-products can be recovered in renewable energy. „Friendly Foam“ is the first in the surf traction market available in […]

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